Food Vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic

On this page, you will learn some food vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic.

The table below contains 30 food items in Moroccan Arabic.

So, you will learn the names of some spices (salt, pepper, and cumin) in Darija.

And you will learn how to say “boiled” and “roasted” in Darija.

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Food Vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic

EnglishTranscribed Moroccan ArabicMoroccan Darija in Arabic LettersBoiledMeslouqمسلوقBreadKhobzخبزButterZebdaزبدةCake7elwaحلوةCheeseFermajفرماجCoffeeQehwaقهوةCuminKamounكامونEggBidaبيضةFish7outحوتFlowerDegigدگيگFriedMeqliمقليFruitFakiaفاكيةHoney3selعسلJamKofitirكوفيتيرJuice3asirعصيرLentils3desعدسMeatL7emلحمMilk7libحليبOilZitزيتPepperIbzarإبزارRiceRouzروزRoastedMeshwiمشويSaladSheladaشلاضةSaltMel7aملحةSoup7riraحريرةSugarSekkarسكرTeaAtayأتايVegetablesKhodraخضرةVinegarKhellخلWaterMaما

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  • Salam
    How do you describe food or drink without sugar or salt.
    In Arabic it's مسوس من الملحة
    مسوس من السكر

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