20 Moroccan Arabic Greetings Phrases

On this page, we have prepared for you 20 Moroccan Arabic greetings phrases.

Have you ever wondered how to say “good morning” in Darija?

Do you know the different ways of saying “thank you” in Moroccan Arabic?

Did you ever struggle trying to find a proper response to someone saying “labas?” to you in Morocco?

Hopefully, you will find on this page answers to all your Moroccan greetings-related questions.

20 Moroccan Arabic Greetings Phrases

EnglishTranscribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in the Arabic Alphabet
Peace be upon youEssalamo 3alikom Note: This greeting is sometimes shortened to “essalam”.السلام عليكم
Peace be upon you, tooWa 3alikom essalamوعليكم السلام
Good morningSba7 elkhir / Sba7 ennor صْباح الخير / صْباح النور
Good eveningMsa elkhir / Msa ennorمسا الخير/ مسا النور
How are you doing?Ki dayr? (Addressing a male) Ki dayra? (Addressing a female)كي داير؟ كي دايرة؟
Are you doing well?Labas 3lik?لا باس عليك؟
I am fine, praise be to God.Labas, el7amdo lillah لاباس، الحمد لله
And you?W nta? (Addressing a male) W nti? (Addressing a female)و نتا؟ و نْتي؟
Check out the lesson on personal pronouns in Moroccan Arabic.#colspan#
What about the family?Mmaline eddar? / El3a2ila?مّالين الدّار؟ / العائلة؟
What about the kids?Elwlidat?الوليدات؟
All is fine.Kolshi bikhirكُلشي بِخير
May Allah protect you.Rebbi ikhellik Note: This phrase is used as a thank you.ربي يخليك
See you tomorrow.Netshawfo gheddaنْتشاوْفو غْدّا
Have a blessed day.Neharek mebroukنهارك مبروك
Thank you.Shukranشكرا
God bless you.Baraka Allaho fik Note: This expression can be used as a thank you.بارك الله فيك
God willing.Inshallahإن شاء الله
Any news about...Shi khbar 3la...شي خبار على...
What’s up?Ash kat3awd? (Addressing a male) Ash kat3awdi? (Addressing a female)أش كتعاود؟ أش كتعاودي؟

Exercise – Moroccan Arabic Greetings Phrases

Translate the following dialogue to Moroccan Arabic:

  • Jannat: Hello.
  • Jamila: Hi.
  • Jannat: How are you?
  • Jamila: I am fine, praise be to God. And you?
  • Jannat: All is fine. Thank you.
  • Jamila: What about the family?
  • Jannat: All is fine. Praise be to God.
  • Jamila: See you tomorrow.
  • Jannat: Have a nice day.

Once done with the exercise, you can scroll down for the solutions.

Exercise Solutions – Moroccan Arabic Greetings Phrases

Exercise Solutions - Moroccan Arabic Greetings Phrases

  • Jannat: Essalam: السلام
  • Jamila: Essalam: السلام
  • Jannat: Ki dayra?: كي دايرة؟
  • Jamila: Labas, el7amdo lillah. W nti?: لاباس الحمد لله. ونتي؟
  • Jannat: Kolshi bikhir. Rebbi ikhellik: كلشي بخير. ربي يخليك
  • Jamila: El3a2ila?: العائلة؟
  • Jannat: Kolshi bikhir. El7amdo lillah: كلشي بخير. الحمد لله
  • Jamila: Netshawfo ghedda: نتشاوفو غدا
  • Jannat: Neharek mebrouk: نهارك مبروك

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