SpeakMoroccan is dedicated to people willing to learn the Moroccan dialect: “Darija“. No Arabic knowledge is required to study the lessons on our website.

SpeakMoroccan helps you learn some basic expressions needed on a daily basis, as well as some easy grammar tips [check lessons and vocabulary lists]. So whether you’re going to Morocco for holidays, a business trip, or just intending to impress your Moroccan friends, our website is what you are looking for!

To browse our website, we invite you to start by reading the general indications carefully, to get a better insight on the transliteration system we adopted. As for those of you who are familiar with the Arabic script, it’s also integrated to the lessons.

We are trying to simplify things as much as possible to make learning Moroccan Darija enjoyable for you; simplicity without falling in the trap of simplism.

Remember that you can find us in the forum, and that we are here to help you become a better Darija speaker.