Verbs in Moroccan Arabic

Verbs in Moroccan Arabic

On this page, we have compiled for you a list of 150 verbs in Moroccan Arabic.

Learning verbs is an extremely important part of mastering any new language.

You can view the listed Moroccan Arabic verbs in this table all at once.

Or you can choose the number of Darija verbs to view.

You can also sort the Moroccan Arabic verbs in this table alphabetically, or run a search for a particular verb in English.

Verbs in Moroccan Arabic

EnglishTranscribed Moroccan ArabicMoroccan Darija in Arabic Letters
To acceptQbelقبل
To adviseNse7نْصح
To answerJawebجَاوْب
To appearBanبَانْ
To apologize3taderعْتَادْرْ
To ask (a question)Sewwelسْوّْلْ
To ask (for something)Tlebطْلْبْ
To attend7ederحْضْرْ
To be bornTewledتوْلْدْ
To be lateT3ettelتعْطّلْ
To borrowTsellefتسْلّفْ
To breakHerresهْرّسْ
To breatheTneffesتْنْفّسْ
To bringJabجَابْ
To buyShraشْرَى
To changeBeddelبْدّلْ
To chooseKhtarخْتَارْ
To cleanNeqqaنْقّا
To closeSeddسْدّ
To combMshetمْشْطْ
To comeJaجَا
To concentrateRekkezرْكّْزْ
To congratulateBarek l…بَارْكْ لْ…
To coughKe7eb كْحْبْ
To count7seb حْسْبْ
To cryBkaبْكَا
To curseN3el نْعْلْ
To cutQte3 قْطْعْ
To danceShte7شْطْحْ
To dareTjerre2تْجْرّأ
To decideQerrerقْرّر
To denyNkerنْكْرْ
To deserveSta7eqسْتَاحْقْ
To dieMatمَاتْ
To diversifyNewwe3 نْوّعْ
To doubtShekkشْكّ
To drawRsemرْسْمْ
To dream7lemحْلْمْ
To drinkShrebشْرْبْ
To driveSagصاڭ
To eatKlaكْلَا
To encourageShejje3 شْجّعْ
To enterDkhelدْخْلْ
To explainShre7شْرْحْ
To fallTahطَاحْ
To fearKhafخَافْ
To feel7essحْسّ
To fill3emmerعْمّرْ
To findLqaلْقَا
To finishKemmelكْمّلْ
To flyTarطَارْ
To followTbe3 تْبْعْ
To forgetNsaنْسَا
To forgiveSme7 سْمْحْ
To fryQlaقْلَا
To get awayBe33edبْعّدْ
To get closerQerrebقْرّبْ
To get readySta3ed سْتَاعْدْ
To get sickMredمْرْضْ
To get upNadنَاضْ
To get usedWellefوْلّفْ
To go outKhrejخْرْجْ
To guaranteeDmenضْمْنْ
To hateKrehكْرْهْ
To healBraبْرَا
To hearSme3 سْمْعْ
To help3awenعَاوْنْ
To hesitateTreddedتْرْدّدْ
To hitDrebضْرْبْ
To hopeTmennaتّمْنّا
To hurtJre7 جْرْحْ
To insultSebbسْبّ
To invite3redعْرْضْ
To killQtelقْتْلْ
To know3ref عْرْفْ
To laughD7ekضْحْكْ
To lean againstTekkaتكّا
To learnT3ellemتْعْلّمْ
To lieKdebكْدْبْ
To lie downTekkaتكّا
To listenSme3 سْمْعْ
To live3ash عَاشْ
To live (in)Skenسْكْنْ
To look forQellebقْلّبْ
To loseKhserخْسْرْ
To measure3ber عْبْرْ
To moveT7errek تْحْرّكْ
To need7taj حْتَاجْ
To open7ell حْلّ
To organizeNeddemنْضّمْ
To paintSbeghصْبْغْ
To payKhellesخْلّصْ
To playL3eb لْعْبْ
To praySellaصْلّى
To preferFeddelفْضّلْ
To prepareWejjedوْجّدْ
To promiseWa3edوَاعْدْ
To readQraقْرَا
To regretNdemنْدْمْ
To remember3qelعْقْلْ
To resembleShbehشْبْهْ
To resistQawemقَاوْمْ
To return (from)Rje3 رْجْعْ
To runJraجْرَا
To run awayHrebهْرْبْ
To sayGalقَالْ
To screamGhewwetغْوّتْ
To seeShafشَافْ
To sellBa3بَاعْ
To sendSifetصِيفْطْ
To sewKhiyyetخِيّطْ
To showWerraوْرّا
To signSnaسْنَا
To sleepN3es نْعْسْ
To smokeKmaكْمَا
To stand upWqefوْقْفْ
To startBdaبْدَا
To stayBqaبْقَى
To stinkKhnazخْنَازْ
To succeedNje7نْجْحْ
To suffocateTekhneqتخْنْقْ
To suggestQtare7 قْتَارْحْ
To swear (by)7lef حْلْفْ
To swim3amعَامْ
To takeKhdaخْدَا
To talkHderهْدْرْ
To tasteDaqدَاقْ
To teachQerraقْرّا
To thankShkerشْكْرْ
To thinkFekkerفْكّرْ
To throwLa7 لَاحْ
To translateTerjemتْرْجْمْ
To travelSaferسَافْرْ
To trustTaqتاق
To try7awelحَاوْلْ
To turnDarضَارْ
To understandFhemفْهْمْ
To vaccinateLeqqe7 لْقّحْ
To vanquishGhlebغْلْبْ
To vomitTqiyyaتْقِيّا
To voteSewwetصْوّت
To waitTsennaتْسْنّا
To wake upFaqفَاقْ
To walkTmeshaتْمْشّى
To wantBghaبْغَى
To watch (e.g. a movie)Tferrej 3la تفرج على
To wearLbesلْبْسْ
To winRbe7 رْبْحْ
To workKhdemخْدْمْ
To writeKtebكْتْبْ

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  1. We don’t have an equivalent in Moroccan Darija for “home, sweet home“. The closest you can get is probably “ma kayn ma 7sen men dari“, which literally translates to: “there is nothing better than my house”.

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