Counting from 2000 to a billion in Moroccan Arabic

This lesson is about counting from 2000 to a billion in Moroccan Arabic.

Counting is one of the key skills that students of any language need to acquire from the very beginning of their learning journey.

On this page, you will first learn numbers from 2000 to a billion in Moroccan Arabic.

Next, you will learn the two major rules to apply when counting things up to a billion in Moroccan Darija.

To conclude, you will find below an exercise to practice numbers in Darija, as well as the solutions to make sure you got everything right and/or correct any mistakes.

Counting from 2000 to a billion in Moroccan Arabic

NumbersDarijaArabic writing
3000tlt alâfتلت آلاف
4000rb3 alâfربع آلاف
5000khms alâfخمس آلاف
6000stt alâfست آلاف
7000sb3 alâfسبع آلاف
8000tmn alâfتمن آلاف
9000ts3 alâfتسع آلاف
10 0003shr alâfعشر آلاف
11 0007dâshr alfحداشر ألف
12 000Tnâshr alfطناشر ألف
13 000tlttâshr alfتلطاشر ألف
1 000 000mlyônمليون
1 000 000 000mlyârمليار

The general rule for counting in Darija:

To use those numbers in sentences now, here is the general rule to count a (thing):

1- the thing

2 + things

From 2 to 10 + d (of) + the things

From 11 to the infinite + thing

In the third rule d + l (of + the) sound almost like the Spanish del.


Banane = banâna بَنانة, Bananes = banânât بنانات, la banane = lbanana لبَنانة

1 banane = wâ7d lbanâna واحد لْبنانة

2 bananes = jôj banânât جوج بنانات

3 bananes = tlala d lbanânât تلاتة د لبانانات

5 bananes = khmsa d lbanânât خمسة د لبانانات

15 bananes = khmstâshr banâna خمسطاشر بنانة

100 bananes = miyyat banâna. مية بنانة


Write the following in Moroccan Arabic:

11 books

12 girls

101 students

2 balls

50 pants

1 teacher

5 apples

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