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it seems obvious, maybe admin can come along very soon and tell me a bunch of places i should have been looking for this...anyway for now

there are a few complications and exceptions we can discuss if u want, but in general, darija has only past, present and future (yay!!)

i will demonstrate with the root L - 3 - B, same in darija and fos7a, 'to play'

you all




ana la3bt
nta la3bti
nti la3bti
ntom la3bto

howa la3b
hiya la3bat
homa la3bou

i7na la3bna


ana nla3b
nta tla3b
nti tla3bi
ntom tla3bou

howa yla3b
hiya tla3b
homa yla3bou

i7na nla3bou


ghadi + present form

ana ghadi nla3b
nta ghadi tla3b
nti ghadia tla3bi

howa ghadi yla3b
hiya ghadia tla3b
homa ghadin yla3bou

i7na ghadin nla3bou

(you can also see or hear these for short as 'nta ghad tla3b' or ' homa ghayla3bou' - in this case we disregard the feminine or plural ending of ghadi)

the other big question is continual or whatever you want to call it tense in darija

this is the present form + 'k' or 't' tacked on the front

ana kanla3b

this is for continual action, something you do always or often...either k in front or t is apparently...the same, just depending on regional differences


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Exactly what I needed, thanks smile.. Could there be like little exercises here too, perhaps different sentences in a context..

For example in a dialouge like:
Nadia: "Hey, what are you doing?"
Sara: "I'm watching tv, and you?"
Nadia: "Not much, just talking to you. What did you do yesterday?/What are you going to do tomorrow?"

... and so on, it could be like little lessons. It would be fun and a way of learning if someone feels like doing it smile


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i'm not very original :S or very much time to make these things up, BUT if you write the english i will TRY to write the darija

Nadia: Slam akhti, ach ktdiri?
Sara: Kanfaraj f itifaza, winti??
Nadia: Walou ghir kanhadar ma3ki. Ach dirti lbare7?/Ach ghadia tdiri ghada?

dar/dir- to do
faraj- to watch like tv or movie or something
hadar- to speak

dar/dir has a long vowel in the root (d-aa-r or d-ii-r) that changes depending on the tense and the pronoun-- this is common with verbs in both classical and darija that have a long vowel in their root...there are some rules, but...mostly you just need to memorize


dar (howa)

also notice when writing darija with roman characters there is nothing to tell you if you have a long vowel or short vowel, you just have to know the word...


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Fortunatly I've heard many of the words at home, I just have difficulties speaking and learning new words from just hearing.. and the grammar of course, I have very little grammar-knowledge hmm..

Thanks for that translation, I'll continue writing some sentences in english then smile

Fatima: I've been learning English. It's fun.
Yazid: That's very good, how are you learning?
Fatima: By speaking, reading and listening. Can you help me?
Yazid: Of course, if you have any questions, just ask.


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fatima: kont kan9ra langlais. wa3ir bzaf.
yazid: mziane hadchi, keif kat9raha?
fatima: kanhadar, kan9ra kotob w kansma3. yemkin ta3ouni?
yazid: 3adi, ila kayn aya asi2la ghir souli.


im not 100 % on the kont kan9ra like 86.5% sure this is a way to say something you have been and are still doing.

i dont know the word for fun, other than momtia3, which i believe is only for fos7a. i used a slang word for awesome here.

3adi means more like sure or it's normal. it works here, though if i wanted to really accent the fact i was there to help, myself i would probably say here: bien sur or akid.

if i was normally talking myself, i would probably have used a french word in 1 or 2 places here...but i tried to keep it total  words from arabic as much as i could. though i consider the french words most ppl use to be a part of darija too smile do you care either way?

ok send some more english sentences and here are some darija ones you can try to translate if you want to

najia: fein ghadi a yassine?
yassine: ana ghnla3b chi match ma3 drari as7abi.
najia: w malik ntaya wach nsiti khassak ta3oun babak fel khedma lyoum?
yassine: 9al lia tal apres midi
najia: wakha awildi 3ndak mata3talch llghada2.


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OK - what is the letter "2"?  Is that a hamza?


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shokran, Im reading and using this exercise too!! -Julie


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@achmin - You waiting for one of us brave souls to try and translate?


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if it is helpful. also you can post more english that i can try to translate into darija if that is what u wanna do