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as many of u knows darija has no limits ... always there r new words , these words r genarally born in the street , by rappers artists , or just normal ppl
some of these words are considered slang and we cant use them everywhere ; u cant call ur father ''a sat'' (looolll btw i did it once  hhhhhh )

here is a list i found , and ofcourse everyone can add words here

damdouma ===> stupid

l3a9a ===> money

moot ===> cool

tmezek ===> to listen to music

lmo3alaja or l9ess ===> food

twacha ===> stuffs

twichia ===>  a stuff

trifa = a piece of weed

trifa mhawra= a big piece of weed

mstouni/ chad stoun/ = he is funny / he is having fun

l3awd/ sat= a guy

santipa/ jjama= girlfriend

dghol/dajij/ternounou/ lbelbala = sth that makes u a headache

3aye9 = sb who is showing off

flbla = comes from ''fl blassa'' it means now

chrih/tla7  =  get the hell out

sat /sata = boy/girl

9rtassa / touta / 9ou9a / m9ou9za / titiza  =  a pretty girl

wooowww and there r a lot of more weird words like those  big_smile
personally i used them when im talking with my friends , what about u '' a sitan " (plural of sat ) ?????

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I got some in my Darija vocab list at home, will add some when i get home nchallah. smile

Interesting words, and I have to add that when i learn moroccan slang, sometimes other moroccans don't understand me when i use them, last time I said "dertiliya larara" which I had learnt on this forum, and they were like "WHAT?"


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hahahahahahahahahahah LA
i like that word i use it too and first time i told mom madirlich l arara ... she was like WTF ur gonna kill me with this vocab hhhhhhh

yeah i told u pay attention with these words

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Ok I'm gonna add some words too, but I don't know if they're all fully correct or even slang-ish.

= stupid

a bba
= slangish for "hey bro" or "mate"

Awwah = wow!

sda3 rass
= headache

chi sda3 = something amazing (?)

l3yaqalogy = science of showing off

= crappiness - everyone has their own interpretation i guess.

arara = trouble/headache

dertiliya l arara = when someone keeps repeating something, it means something like "it does error (now)" from too much repetition


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Awwah! thanks sitan for such vocabularies. I like to learn such vocabs in languages I know so to be aware of what's goin' on...

I've heard the word "l3aqa" and perceived it means money, but didnt know that it is a slang!!



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Twita --> Pretty girl
hiiiiiiiiiiiiya ---> Good hachich
spik --> to talk (makanspiki ma3k, i don't speak with you)
Ven! --> To exit/pass fassssssssssst (whit V like F, like wind)
ruina --> a mess, something gone wrong or tupsy-turby (from spanish ruina, that means that rests of a old building, a roman, for exemple or a crak of an enterprise)
riuna-f-kuzina --> Literaly, a mess in the kitchen, from spanish cocina, kitchen. Very used in Tangier.
Souqu khawi --> Bad bisness with him, not careful (Tanjawi, Suqu khawi).
tka7ka7 --> D7ak (Wach ntina katka7ka7 3liya oula ma3ya? / Are you laughing on mi or with me?)

All used in Tanger, and I can assure you everybody who lives people understand it (young ones specially)
Please, somebody, correct the fonetics or what could be wrong, because it's all listen at zanqa, so i'm not 100% sure to catch it well.
I've got loooooots more, just let me think smile

Thanks for the precedent posts, very usefull.

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@ LA
ive never heard 7abess looll but its good
a bba = means , o dad ... but yeah we use it in slang to say bro , in this case i'll add ''l3moum" which means uncle and bro in the urbandictionary

@ ouazzani
in our darija we dont use "7iya" only for 7chich ... for example : tomobil 7iya , sata 7iya ...
and "9tala" is a synonime too
for the word ruina , thats not slang loooolll the first word i learnt from mom , she always used to yel at me : madirlich ruina f salon rah jayyini diaf hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

the other words apart from sou9o khawi r used only in tangiers i think

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Ok, thanks.
[q]madirlich ruina f salon rah jayyini diaf hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh[/q]
Ah, Khawa: lwalida qalet dyman nafs jmo3 fl lughat diala... I hated diaf.
Nice to know about "ruina" and 7iya. We also say w3ra. It looks also very known everywhere.

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I was told ages ago that wa3mmi is the moroccan version of ya 3mmi that's used by Middle Easterners and Egyptians.. is it used commonly though?


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in morocco we use " a ssi " more than " a 3mi "

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