Additional Resources

Moroccan Arabic learning materials presented by Friends of Morocco, an organization of returned American Peace Corps volunteers.

Loecsen has short Moroccan Arabic courses with audio.

Wikipedia’s detailed page on Moroccan Arabic.

Arabalicious has free resources for students and teachers of the Arabic language.

ArabicOnline is developed with support of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, and has some free resources for beginners to learn Modern Standard Arabic.

Aswaat Arabiyya offers Arabic students a collection of videos for listening comprehension, brought to you by the University of Texas at Austin.

Firdaous has a free online English – Arabic dictionary (>2000 words) with translation into phonetics.

Fun with Arabic is an online program that teaches the basics of the Arabic language in a fun and easy way.

Iteslj offers a number of English – Arabic quizzes.

Memrise offers free resources to learn the most important words (arguably) in Modern Standard Arabic.